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Best in Show 1996 and 1997 



Perched on the side of foothills overlooking the Sacramento Valley rests this exotic pool garden of rare palms, cycads, bromeliads, bamboo, succulents and flowering trees and shrubs.  The impression is to give spirit of place to a subtropical resort lost in another world and time.  The spa with contoured body lounges sits at the top of the vista and will host eight people comfortably.  Immediately adjacent the spa is the first pool of cascades that flow to the main swimming pool.  Thirty feet to the north is another series of smaller pools that cascade toward the bottom cascade pool.  At the far end of the main swimming pool is a Lotus Pond with frogs and fish that trickles off into the distance.  The view from the spa looking in the other direction passes through a grove of giant timber bamboo to a formal allee of roses and Mexican Blue Fan Palms ending with a sublime goddess statue guarded by a Chilean Wine palm with Macrozamia sentinals.  Any of the plants listed on this web site will be found in this garden.  The inner pool garden and goddess garden encompass approximately two of the twenty eight acres on this ranch property.  There are hundreds of palms, scores of cycads, rare exotic trees and more!  Garden clubs are welcome to tour by advance reservation.  Call 707-344-8350